Traditionally this event was for players aged u12, but we added an u13 age group in 2022 that offers a Weir Rose Bowl experience for players in this age group too. This year we have expanded the Girls Only age groups to U12 & U14 to better align with the dual age groups that currently exist for female players. The Mixed age group categories will remain at U12 & U13.

The format for all age groups will be the same with 9v9 games being played on 70m x 50m fields. This will offer coaches the opportunity to continue their focus on Skill Acquisition but also begin to introduce the tactical element of the game. Further information is available in the Entry Requirements section.

Our aim for players attending the Weir Rose Bowl is to create a positive learning environment that:

  • is player centred, with the focus on ensuring that they have opportunities to develop.
  • is enjoyable for players to be part of, through good quality games with appropriate challenges.
  • creates intrinsic motivation in players, where they want to develop their ability and take ownership of the process.
  • show cases leadership and integrity as a positive characteristic to uphold.
  • encourages players to try new things and be creative.
  • recognises mistakes as a key part of the learning process.

The U12 Mixed and U12 Girls Only categories will offer a festival style event with teams playing a series of fixtures that will allow the players to showcase their skills in a friendly but challenging environment. Teams should expect to play a minimum of 5-6 games over the 3-day period.

The U13 Mixed and U14 Girls Only age group will offer a tournament style event with results being recorded and points awarded to determine the winner of the Weir Rose Bowl for 2023.


2023 Weir Rose Bowl

The closing date for all entries is 5pm on Friday August 11, 2023.

  • Entries in both age group events are limited to a maximum of 16 teams per category. 
  • NZF Skill Centre and/or NZF TDP accredited clubs will have automatic entry into all categories. Entries from these clubs must be received by 5pm on Friday July 14. 
  • Clubs that do not hold a NZF Skill Centre or NZF TDP accreditation must meet the entry criteria to be considered for entry. Entries from these clubs will be on a first-in basis and will only be accepted if space is available. 
  • Clubs will be limited to one entry per category unless space is available.
  • Entries will be confirmed via email once they have been checked and approved by the Event Management Group.


All clubs or approved district/regional groups who are affiliated members of NZ Football and their respective home Federation are eligible to be considered for entry into the Weir Rose Bowl in 2023 provided they meet the requirements set out below.

U13 Mixed

U12 Mixed

U14 Girls Only

U12 Girls Only

* Players can only play in one age group squad and cannot play across both age groups during the event.

To register your team, click on the link below and complete the online registration form. You will receive confirmation of your entry once we have checked and approved your entry details.

​​​​​​​The cost to enter the Weir Rose Bowl is $750 per team (incl. GST). The entry fee will cover:
  • Referee provision.
  • Event Management.
  • Promotion.
  • Administration.
You will be invoiced following confirmation of your entry.


Health & Safety

Each team must have an appointed qualified First Aider to attend to any injuries on and off the field of play. There will also be qualified physiotherapists based at the venue over the three days to treat players if required. 

Trophies & Awards

The Weir Rose Bowl Trophies will be presented to the winners of the U13 Mixed and U14 Girls Only age group immediately following the final match. Trophies will not be presented to the U12 Mixed and U12 Girls Only age groups. Every player and member of the team management will receive a specially designed Weir Rose Bowl pin as a memento of their participation in the event.

​​​​​​​Spectator Support

All parents, supporters, spectators play a major part in making this event the experience that it is for the players, referees and the coaches. Please remember that they are all learning and may not always make decisions you agree with. We ask that you provide positive encouragement and support to your child, the players, the referees and the coaches and applaud good performance whenever it occurs. We also ask that you try to refrain from giving instructions during games as this may be different to what the coach has asked them to do and could cause confusion for the players.

We hope that you enjoy the event and the Weir Rose Bowl experience.